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The mission of the 2019 YMA FSF Accelerator Grant is to invest in the future leaders of fashion and to create a new generation of FSF companies. Our vision is to prepare FSF alumni-led seed and early stage startups for success through mentorship from industry experts and an equity-free grant of $50,000. Learn more about the program in our FAQ section below. 

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The winner of the $50,000 FSF Accelerator Grant, underwritten by SAP, is Eleanor Turner’s The Big Favorite.

Runner-Up is Tim Tembrink’s Foundationals, who received a $10,000 grant.




1. Must be a former FSF Scholarship recipient


1. Must have applications in the fashion industry
2. Must be an early or seed stage startup
3. Former FSF Scholarship recipient must be in a permanent, senior leadership position


We will rate each applicant on five factors: viability of idea, growth potential, development and vision, progress evaluation, and brand fit. Using these criteria, applications will first be evaluated by an Alumni Association vetting panel which will include a phone or skype interview, and then by an executive panel including representatives from the FSF Board of Governors. Below, you will find more detailed descriptions for what we are looking for within each criteria:


The applicant’s product/service is a solution to a gap in the market that has been well-defined by the applicant. A customer base willing to pay for the applicant’s product/service exists and has been well-defined by the applicant.


The applicant’s product/service cannot be easily replicated. The applicant has taken measures to protect their ideas, designs and brand through patents and/or trademarks. The applicant has demonstrated that their product/service is urgently needed in the market place through quantifiable analysis and testing. The applicant has sized the market for their idea, and its potential reach. The applicant has clearly identified their direct and indirect competitors, and described competitive advantages of their product/service.


The applicant has demonstrated an extensive, well-researched sales and marketing plan that includes a mix of proven, cost-effective sales and marketing tactics. The applicant has conducted thorough risk analysis of their venture, identifying major sources of risks, and described how they would mitigate them. The applicant has clearly defined how they will attract and retain the right team to deliver their product/service to market. The applicant demonstrated a specific action plan on how they will use funds and resources from the FSF to deliver results outlined in their business plan within a reasonable time period.


The applicant has effectively and efficiently used resources available to them thus far to develop expertise in their field, and to attract customers, marketing and distribution partnerships and other alliances, demonstrating significant personal investment into venture. The applicant’s idea has momentum.


The applicant has demonstrated respect and appreciation for the FSF and can be expected to continue to stay engaged and supportive of our organization as their company grows.


JAN 15, 2018 – APR 30, 2019

Applicants can submit proposals for the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant

MAY, 2019

Applications are evaluated by an Alumni Association vetting panel including a phone or skype interview. Applicants are then vetted through the an executive judging panel including members of the FSF Board of Governors to determine who will participate in the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant Pitch Day. Finalists are notified by end of May.

JUNE, 2019

Finalists present their business plan to an executive judging panel during Pitch Day. Grant recipients are announced during the FSF Summer Kick Off Party on June 13th.


My company currently employs an FSF alumnus in a freelance design position. Can we apply?

No, FSF alumni must be involved in a permanent, senior level position in order for your start-up to apply for the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant.

I am currently employed full-time and working on my startup part-time. Can I apply?

Yes. As long as you have previously received an FSF scholarship and have completed your undergraduate degree you may apply for the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant.

My company already received funding, can we apply?

Yes, you can apply to the program if you have received funding. Please disclose details regarding past rounds of financing on your application.

My company does not make clothes, can we apply?

Yes. The YMA FSF Accelerator Grant focuses on seed and early stage companies within the fashion industry including but not limited to new product brands across apparel, accessories, home and beauty product categories, and technology companies with applications within fashion and retail.

Do grant recipients need to give up equity to the FSF in order to receive funding?

No, the FSF is a non-profit organization; the $50,000 monetary award will be awarded to the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant recipient equity-free.

As a recipient of the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant, am I expected to contribute anything to the Fashion Scholarship Fund?

We expect that as your company grows you continue to stay engaged and supportive of our organization.

I am a former Geoffrey Beene scholar. Can I apply for the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant?


How many grants are awarded each year?

The YMA FSF Accelerator Grant will be awarded to one startup company per year.

As part of the application process, will I be able to solicit individual FSF Board members and judges for further angel funding? How about if I win?

Applicants of the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant are strongly discouraged from soliciting FSF Board members or judges for potential funding. While it should be noted that winners of the grant will receive access to industry executives specifically for the purpose of mentorship and coaching, the purpose of the grant is not to provide a mechanism to separately raise funds from FSF Board members or judges. In addition, solicitations may present conflicts of interest that could disqualify an applicant from receiving a grant, as discussed above.

I am not currently based out of New York. Can I still apply?

Yes. Industry mentor assignments may be conducted via skype wherever necessary.

I would like to start working on my application today. What will I be required to provide?

While the submission period will not open until January 1, 2019, listed below are all sections of the Accelerator Grant application:


Company Name *

Company Website *

Name *

Role in company (e.g., CEO, Founder) *

FSF Class *

Email *

Phone *

Address *


How many people are on your team (excluding yourself)? *

How many team members are paid (excluding yourself)? *

How many team members are full time (excluding yourself)? *

How many interns have worked with you in the past year? *

Please list the members of your team, their roles within your company and their LinkedIn profiles (if applicable). *


Describe your business *

Who is your target market? *

What is the size of your target market? *

Who are your key competitors and why? *

How does your product or service stand out from your competition? *

Please attach your complete business plan (pdf format) *


How many years have you been in business? *

Are you working for others or attending graduate school? *

Have you ever been part of a business incubator or accelerator? If yes, please provide details (where, when, for how long) *

Tell us about how you've funded and plan to fund your business *

If you have been funded in the past, please provide details (how much & from whom) *

Has your business generated revenue? Please provide details. *

Please share any other metrics by which you measure your success.


Describe the biggest challenges your business is facing. *

Describe in detail how you would use the resourced provided to you by the YMA FSF Accelerator Grant. *

Please attach any other materials you would like to be reviewed by the judging committee.



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