FSF Awareness Campaign Tournament


What is FACT?

·       All FSF scholars are encouraged to participate in an on campus social media campaign to raise awareness of the FSF organization and 2019 case study competition.  The acronym “FACT” was created as the social media campaign to include “facts” why students should compete for the FSF scholarship including financial awards up to $35,000, internship opportunities, mentoring program, events, alumni association and much more.

Who is eligible to participate in FACT?

·       All undergraduate FSF scholarship winners who are currently on campus at the FSF member schools.


·       June 1st through August 1st

·       September 1st FACT winner is announced

Expectations of Scholars:

1)     Four social posts plus one video between June 1st  to August 1st

2)     The video must include the college/university name logo and FSF logo

3)     Maximum duration of the video…Instagram 60 seconds, Twitter & Facebook 140 seconds

4)     Scholars must have 500 followers on Instagram and share post from Instagram to FB/Twitter to help expand the FSF reach on campus

5)     Follow @YMAFashionScholarshipFund

6)     In each post tag @YMAFashionScholarshipFund and use #YMAFSF, #FutureOfFashion, #FACT

Winner of FACT:

1)     Will be determined based on the following:

o   Number of students who attend the FSF scholarship information session (must be reported in a post)

o   The average number of likes between the five social media posts

2)     The winner of FACT will receive complimentary airfare (up to $400), hotel arrangements (approved by the FSF) and a complimentary ticket to the 2019 Awards Dinner in New York City

3)     Should the winner be a 2019 FSF scholarship recipient and already attending the 2019 Awards Dinner, the winner will receive a complimentary extended stay of two nights in New York City after the Awards Gala