As part of a rich curriculum developed to meet the needs and capabilities of our scholars and professional network, scholarship recipients are invited to attend the Hearst Summer and Winter Institutes.   These informative morning sessions prepare scholars for what they can expect as they embark upon a life-changing journey with the YMA FSF and our many partners.  Relevant topics include address "The Business of Fashion", summer programs and finding success in an internship program, an overview of the Mentorship program and the Mentor matching process, industry insights from fashion executives, and tips from talent acquisition teams to ensure scholars make the most of every opportunity they are presented.  




2016 Winter Institute

- Panel of Alumni Captains- “How to make the best of your FSF Scholarship Year?” -

·         Summer Program “Breakfast with the Boss” Series

- Mentorship Program – Glen Ellen Brown -

·         Purpose of the program

·         How and when will mentors be assigned

·         How to make the most of your relationship with your mentor

- Industry Speakers – Q&A -

·         Karen Murray, President of Nautica

·         Ruben and Isabel Toledo, Designers

·         Joseph Abboud, Designer

- Tips from Talent Acquisition Teams -

·         Dottie Cannon, Ralph Lauren

·         Jill Eskenazi, Global Brands Group