MOTIF, the educational division of Alvanon

MOTIF is an apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers by providing access to training, professional development and mentorship from the industry’s top practitioners. Through FSF’s partnership with Motif, FSF Alumni receive a discount for Motif’s online educational courses. If you are a past scholarship recipient, please email to receive the 40% discount code!

Courses Offered:

Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainability in Fashion is about a common language for professionals in the apparel industry that encourages communication across functions and better decision making during product design. This online course with certificate defines what sustainability is, explains why designers should care about it, shows how it can be integrated into a product’s lifecycle and illustrates best practices to deal with sustainability issues. You will learn how sustainability can be an asset for your business, your brand and your end consumer. Sustainability shouldn’t feel like a heavy burden; it’s an opportunity for innovation.

$190 — $114 for FSF Alumni

Apparel Costing

This online course with certificate is a deep dive into apparel costing. It covers the basic elements of cost, defines IMU from the retail and sourcing perspective and gives a thorough grounding in other important considerations that impact product development decisions.

$520 — $312 for FSF Alumni

Mechanics of Fit

This fashion online course with certificate is based on one of Motif's most popular professional development workshops. The course covers the fundamentals of fit, how it's defined, created and maintained, and how it directly impacts market success through successful fit alignment, consistency and communication.

$190 — $114 for FSF Alumni

The Fit Form: A Critical Standard from Product Development

This online course with certificate covers the fundamentals and best practices for the use of a fit form, dummy or mannequin. The fit form is an essential tool in any product development process. Learners will take away an understanding of the importance of the fit form as well as learn industry best practices for using the fit form to maintain core size standards and brand loyalty.

$50 — $30 for FSF Alumni

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