With our rapidly expanding list of partner schools, we proudly support a portfolio of 60 colleges and universities that include both the top retail, design and fashion programs in the country and many of the most respected business schools. We provide our scholars with access to the most prestigious network of senior executives across the fashion industry who commit meaningful and intimate time to our scholars through a series of events that are second to none.


With the increasing success of fundraising efforts, our goal is to continue to bring the biggest share of top talent into the fashion industry across all disciplines every year. Working with the right leadership at accredited schools nationwide provides hands-on, meaningful engagement at each level of our scholarship program, growing and strengthening rich relationships with scholars, educators and ambassadors.

Academy of Art University - Jinah Oh, Joh@academyart.edu

University of Arizona - Kylee Vanek , kvanek@email.arizona.edu

Auburn University - Pamela Ulrich , ulricpv@auburn.edu

Barnard College - Donna Holder, dholder@barnard.edu

Brandeis University - Alan Bertman, abertman@brandeis.edu

Buffalo State - Lynn M. Boorady, Booradlm@buffalostate.edu

University of California, Berkeley - Renee Camarena, renee@haas.berkeley.edu

California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly), Pomona - Peter Kilduff, pkilduff@cpp.edu

University of Cincinnati - Zachary Hoh, hohzd@ucmail.edu

Colorado State University - Nancy Miller, Nancy.Miller@colostate.edu

University of Colorado at Boulder - Katie Connor, Katie.connor@colorado.edu

Columbia College in Chicago - Dana Hall, dconnell@colum.edu

Columbus College Art & Design - Patricia Carlos , pcarlos@ccad.edu

Cornell University - Tasha Lewis, TLL28@cornell.edu

University of Delaware - Brenda Shaffer, bshaffer@udel.edu

Drexel University - Alphonso McClendon, sg94qs5s@drexel.edu

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) - Robin Sackin, robin_sackin@fitnyc.edu

FIDM - Roni Miller Start, rmiller@fidm.edu

Florida State University - Ann Langston, alangston@fsu.edu

University of Florida - Cecila Schulz, Cecilia.schulz@warrington.ufl.edu

George Brown College - Marilyn McNeil-Morin, mmcneil@georgebrown.ca

University of Georgia - Greg Vessels, gvessels@uga.edu

Harvard University - Benny Belvin , bbelvin@fas.harvard.edu

Indiana University - Deb Christiansen, delchris@indiana.edu

Iowa State University - Ann Thye, annthye@iastate.edu

Kansas State University - Hannah Schuh, hannaheb@k-state.edu

Kent State University - Jewon Lyu, jlyu@kent.edu

Lehigh University - Nevena Koukova , nek205@lehigh.edu

LIM College - Marla Greene, marla.greene@limcollege.edu

Marist College - Jodi Hartmann, Jodi.Hartmann1@marist.edu

Miami International - Charlene Parsons, cparsons@aii.edu

University of Minnesota - Elizabeth Bye, ebye@umn.edu

University of Missouri, Columbia - Pamela Norum, NorumP@missouri.edu

Morehouse College - James Tyson, james.tyson@morehouse.edu

New York University - Yevgeniya Traps, yt21@nyu.edu

North Carolina @ Greensboro - Nancy Nelson Hodges, NJNELSON@uncg.edu

North Carolina State University - Kristy Ruiz, kristy_ruiz@ncsu.edu

Ohio State University - Alexandra Ruiz Suer, suer.15@osu.edu

Oklahoma State - Diane Morton Limbaugh, diane.morton@okstate.edu

Otis College of Art & Design - Jane Engelman, engelman@otis.edu

Parsons School of Design - Shannon Price, prices@newschool.edu

Jefferson University - Sheila Connelly, connellys@philau.edu

Pratt Institute - Van Lupu , vlupu@pratt.edu

Purdue University - Susan Owens, skowens@purdue.edu

Rhode Island School of Design - Kathleen Grevers , kgrevers@risd.edu

University of Rhode Island - Susan L. Hannel, susanhannel@uri.edu

Santa Clara University - Cynthia Gamage , Cgamage@scu.edu

Savannah College of Art & Design - Doris Treptow, dtreptow@scad.edu

Stephens College - Monica McMurray, MMcMurry@stephens.edu

Syracuse University - Jeffrey Mayer, jcmayer@syr.edu

Texas A&M University - Cheryl Bridges, c-bridges@mays.tamu.edu

University of North Texas - Laura Storm, Laura.Storm@unt.edu

University of Texas - Nancy Prideaux, nprideaux@utexas.edu

UCLA - Angela Campbell, adeaver@college.ucla.edu

University of Southern California - Dennis Schorr, Dschorr@marshall.usc.edu

Virginia Commonwealth University - Deidra Arington, dwarrington@vcu.edu

Washington University in St. Louis - Casey Jenkerson, caseyjenkerson@wustl.edu

University of Washington - Emily Smith, emilys42@uw.edu

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - Susan McMullen, mcmullen@wharton.upenn.edu

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Jerry O'Brien, gobrien@wisc.edu

Yeshiva University - Melanie Zuckerman, melanie.zuckerman@yu.edu