Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Send stock certificates, unendorsed, by registered mail to the above address together with a letter of transmittal indicating the donor's intentions of making a gift and any specific instructions.  Do not endorse the certificate – that is, do not sign your name on the back – but rather send along, under separate cover, an endorsed stock power (obtainable from your bank, broker or financial advisor) together with a copy of your transmittal letter. 

If the stock certificates are already endorsed or are in street name, they should be sent by registered mail or delivered by hand together with a letter of transmittal.  You may also deliver the securities to a local banker with instructions to hold them for the account of and instructions from the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund.

The YMA's name, as transferee, should not be filled in on either the back of the certificate, or on separate stock power.  Filling in the name of the transferee creates expense and delay if we should wish to sell the securities.

If the securities have depreciated in value, it may be more advantageous for the donor to sell the securities and make a gift of the proceeds of the sale.  In any matters pertaining to the gift or sale of properties, The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund urges that donors seek direction from their own advisors.

Life Insurance, Deferred and Irrevocable Gifts

Donors to YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund may wish to consider a gift of life insurance or a deferred, irrevocable gift with life-income provisions.  In view of the complexity of recent tax laws, a representative of the Fashion Scholarship Fund would be pleased to meet with you and your advisor to determine how a well-planned gift might most advantageously be made to support our programs.