As further support to scholarship recipients, the Fashion Scholarship Fund facilitates summer internships with prestigious fashion companies in cities across the United States. Designed to enhance scholars' experiences in preparation for their future careers, our exclusive internship program has reached 100% placement in a broad range of disciplines including design, buying, supply, finance, public relations, technology and merchandising, providing scholars an invaluable opportunity to learn from today's fashion industry titans.  

THE Program

Scholars are invited to participate in an exclusive internship program with YMA FSF member companies in various cities across the US such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City and Greensboro.  Scholars have the opportunity to complete their internships at renowned fashion companies that sponsor the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund.


FSF Internship Fair

The day following our Annual Awards Gala in January, the FSF hosts an Internship Fair where scholars can get a jump start on summer internship positions by having a brief "meet and greet" with more than 30 Talent Acquisition teams from top FSF donor companies.  

Interns located in New York City will have access to our exclusive summer event series, which include special networking opportunities, speaking engagements with fashion icons, and over 20 Breakfast With The Boss  events hosted by some of New York's most talented executives. These opportunities are designed to give interns an invaluable interaction with the fashion industry and many of its most influential leaders.


Kevin Crowley, 2014 Scholar in a letter to Executive Director, Doug Evans

Dear Doug,
My 2014 summer in the city has been such a unique and amazing experience.  I really have to credit all of the amazing opportunities to the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund.  All of the breakfasts and intern social events have really been such amazing experiences for networking and learning.
Because of my scholarship through YMA I successfully gained an internship this summer with LFUSA (now known as Global Brands Group).  I was a menswear design intern focusing on graphics and apparel.  Through the Internship social event back in January, I was able to sit down with Human Resources at LFUSA and show them my portfolio and really convince them that I wanted to intern with them....