2016 Geoffrey Beene Scholarship Winner: Erin Ceconi, Pratt



Where are you from? Ridgefield, Connecticut

How did you become interested in pursuing a career in fashion design? Art, for me, was as unavoidable as walking into my kitchen to the warm aroma of morning coffee. Growing up in Ridgefield, Connecticut with two artists as parents, I could not turn a corner in my house without viewing a collage, woodblock, or painting. Wanting to understand how slivers of lines, shapes and colors combined to form these images, I began mark-making with any material I could lay my hands upon.

Lines and colors, solely explored on paper, were pulled into reality by three-dimensional sculpture, which quickly became my medium of choice. Fashion design was a natural progression; I found these sculptures moved on the human form.

In what ways have your studies at Pratt refined and influenced your skills as a designer? My time at Pratt has allowed me to develop as a designer. Exploring sustainable design and active-wear, I worked with custom prints in tech fabrics. Conversely, I have constructed conceptual sculptural pieces. My interests lies in finding the point where art and functionality blur, a combination of fabric and design that work for the wearer, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.