2016 Geoffrey Beene Scholarship Winner: Jessica Ferreira, SCAD


Major: Fashion Design

Graduation: May 2016

Where are you from?  My hometown is Chapel Hill, NC

 What sparked your interest in fashion design?  I became passionate in the arts ever since I was a young girl. I was exposed to it at such a young age, especially from the visits I took with my family to see my grandmother in Lebanon. She was highly skilled in embroidery, lacemaking, beading, sewing, and pattern making which inspired me to pursue fashion design as a major at SCAD. Her way of creating and designing has impacted me in the arts.

My mother’s side of the family was also keen on sustainability through repurposing and reusing household items and converting them into a new valuable item. Much of this same process has become a major part in the way I design and look at the fashion industry today. My internships in NYC have caused me to look at the industry differently, in terms of bettering our future with sustainability and limiting production overseas. I feel motivated and responsible to make a difference when it comes to design, manufacture, and production in fashion design.


Outside of fashion, what are you other interests and passions? During my free time I enjoy listening to French music and oil painting. I think if didn’t choose fashion design as a career, I would have gone into fine arts. Since I came to SCAD, I began collecting hats from different places I visit. It has become one of my favorite hobbies when I travel out of town with my family and friends.

Where do you see yourself after graduating SCAD in May?  After graduation, I see myself going to LA and starting out as a design assistant for Reformation. California has stricter laws with its sustainability practices which I admire and would like to be a part of after graduating SCAD. I chose Reformation as the company for the case study for the Geoffrey Beene YMA scholarship and I have become truly passionate for the brand’s aesthetic, mission, sustainability practices, and ways of reaching out to their customers. I strongly believe they can be the future for our polluting industry. There is a lot of change happening in the industry right now which makes me excited to see where we are heading with sustainability practices in manufacturing, specifically 3D printing.