2016 Geoffrey Beene Scholarship Winner: Eric Beaudette, Cornell University

Major: Fiber Science and Apparel Design

Graduation: May 2016

Where are you from? What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in fashion? I am originally from Hollis, New Hampshire.  While attending Hebron Academy, a boarding school in Maine, I became avidly interested in the fashion industry.   I took independent studies and tailored my 3D AP Art portfolio to explore apparel design, concluding with the design and construction of a wedding dress inspired by advanced math.

How have you developed and refined your design skills at Cornell? During freshman year, I began exploring new technologies and discovered my passion for functional apparel. I began developing my skill sets in both science and design. I joined a performance apparel research lab during my freshman year, and started learning how to use the cutting-edge facilities that the department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design offers. Sophomore year, I paired with a graduate student in Fiber Science to co-found Cornell Wearable Tech, a project team that annually showcases a collection of high tech garments in the department’s yearly fashion show. Our project team has made partnerships with companies that produce developing innovative lighting technologies to be applied in wearable technology. I have taken advantage of every opportunity to gain practical experience in functional apparel design and smart garment development during my undergraduate career.

In what way do you hope to make an impact on the future of fashion? After graduation, I hope to make my mark on the fashion industry by pioneering a new era of wearable technology. I hope to explore my passions of science and design side-by-side as I pursue the next stage in my professional development, either through graduate school or industry experience.