FSF Connect is a members-only platform that allows Alumni, Mentors, Case Study Judges and Academic Advisors to cultivate meaningful relationships across the globe. Hover over each section for our favorite features!


WHAT: your personal FSF rolodex by company and location
WHY: to reconnect and make new connection across our network

FAVORITE FEATURE: easily look up which FSF connections are willing to look over resume or portfolio, give you advice, or even connect you to their network!


WHAT: customized updates by location and affiliation  
WHY: to make it easy to keep track of content most relevant to you

FAVORITE FEATURE: Local groups membership is automatically updated based on your current city, while you can decide whether you'd like to get more involved by joining a Case Judge or Mentor group


WHAT: contains the links to all of our platform’s content
WHY: to get you quickly caught up on the latest from FSF

FAVORITE FEATURE: FSF Buzz Newsletter archive


WHAT: literally an album of photos from past FSF events
WHY: to revisit the fun, the excitement and the outfits! 

FAVORITE FEATURE: anyone can share, tag , comments and contribute to photos added


WHAT: details on all upcoming FSF events sorted by location & date
WHY: so that you never have to dig through your email to RSVP

FAVORITE FEATURE: ability to create your own event, even if it's just a a quick reunion of your FSF class at the local bar


WHAT: our digital bulletin board  slash suggestion box
WHY: for you to ask for help, give feedback or simply be heard

FAVORITE FEATURE: Ability to reach over 2000 members of the FSF community in seconds


WHAT: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube feeds all in one place
WHY: because sometimes it’s easier to just get social

FAVORITE FEATURE: toggling between feeds seamlessly without leaving the platform


WHAT: full time & internship job postings targeting the FSF community
WHY: because career development is what the FSF is all about

FAVORITE FEATURE: ability to search & post, even as a start up