As a prospective scholar, the first step to joining our community of future leaders of fashion is to compete in the Fashion Scholarship Fund Case Study competition. Divided into four disciplines of design & product development, merchandising & marketing, analytics & technology, or supply chain disciplines, the FSF case study challenges students of many backgrounds to solve problems facing today's fashion industry.




We are excited to announce a change to the format of our case study competition which will allow more scholars the option to compete for elevated levels of scholarship and simplify the case competition timeline. Starting in 2019, the Fashion Scholarship Fund will merge what was formerly known as the Geoffrey Beene Scholarship with the FSF scholarships of $5,000. Scholars who win the Fashion Scholarship Fund award will no longer need to wait a year to compete in our elevated competition. Instead, all scholars in their senior year at the time of the application submission who apply for the 2019 Fashion Scholarship Fund will be eligible to be selected as a 2019 finalist, and invited to present their case study to the FSF Executive Committee. As was the case last year, the FSF case study has four discipline options including Design & Product Development, Merchandising & Marketing, Technology & Analytics and Supply Chain Management. In order to ensure a balance of winners, four of the eight finalists will be chosen including the best of the best within each discipline while the balance will be the best of the best of the remaining pool of applicants.


In addition to this new format, we are pleased to announce we have increased the Fashion Scholarship Fund award tiers. 

  • FSF NON FINALISTS: scholars who are not select as 2019 finalists stand to win either $5K or $10K based on their score

  • FSF FINALISTS: eight finalists chosen based on top scoring cases will win $15K and a chance to win as much as $35K


  1. Eligible applicants must be freshman through seniors, enrolled full-time at one of Fashion Scholarship Fund member schools.

  2. Overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or above in a 4.0 G.P.A. system (official transcript to be submitted).

  3. If seniors wish to compete, they must not have a graduation date earlier than Spring 2019.

  4. There is no limit to the number of scholarship applicants for each member school and no restriction on repeat winners.




  • Chance to win between $5-$35K scholarship check payable to YOU

  • Scholarship money can be applied to any educational expense such as tuition, summer housing for an internship, study abroad program, etc.


  • Scholarship winners are invited to attend the annual January Awards Gala in New York City, attended by the FSF Board of Governors and other industry executives. Complimentary hotel and travel reimbursements provided.

  • Each scholarship recipient is invited to join the FSF Mentor Program and be paired with an industry mentor during the year of the award.


  • Winners will have access to internship opportunities through FSF partner companies.

  • Winners are eligible to join the FSF Alumni Association to grow their professional network.



If you meet all eligibility criteria, go to to create your account. Then simply submit your application, case study, and resume by due date.



FEBRUARY 2018: 2019 FSF Case Study prompt published to Educators

OCTOBER 2018: Completed FSF Scholarship Case Study is due on Slideroom

NOVEMBER 2018: Eight FSF finalists are shared with Educators; Educators have one week to submit any objections to the selection based on the scholar's academic standing; Once finalists and non-finalists are announced, finalists prepare a power point presentation for their final presentation to the FSF Board in January; travel arrangements are made for all winners to come out to NYC for the Awards Dinner

JANUARY 2019: Eight FSF finalists present their case study to FSF Executive Committee, with winners announced at the FSF Annual Awards Dinner in NYC; Internship Fair and other career programming hosted for scholars during their visit to NYC

MARCH 2019: Mentorship assignments begin for the class of 2018 scholars who submitted a mentor request form

MAY 2019: Internship placement is completed by the end of May

JUNE 2019: FSF Summer 2018 events begin at the Summer Kickoff Party