That's a Wrap: Macy's End of Summer Party!

It was a wonderful evening of celebration at Macy’s Executive Offices on Thursday as more than 50 YMA FSF scholars gathered with Board members and mentors to toast to the conclusion of a hugely successful, eventful, summer 2015 program.  The End of Summer Party, generously hosted by Macy’s, was held on the beautifully decorated 13th floor, lined with iconic pictures of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades Past, as Peter Sachse pointed out during his welcome speech, thanking scholars for their hard work over the summer and congratulating them on a job well done at their internships.  

Working at some of the most prestigious fashion companies in the industry - from Chanel, to Oscar de la Renta, to Global Brands Group, PVH, Macy’s, Greg Norman Collection and more- scholars expressed their sincere gratitude for the opportunities afforded to them through the FSF program and  the connections they have made along the way.  Between our Breakfast with the Boss series, evening networking events, and social receptions, the summer has been filled with experiences that have provided a wealth of knowledge and insight into the industry from incredibly talented, influential executives.  

As the skies cleared up, guests were granted access to the beautiful outdoor terrace area, where they conversed over hors d’oeuvres and enjoyed spectacular views of the city.  Simultaneously wrought with feelings of excitement and sadness as their summers in New York City come to an end, scholars shared with us some of their favorite memories, lasting impressions and excitement for their bright futures that lie ahead. 

Madeline Hanley, Indiana University, Greg Norman Collection - “Last year when I found out I was a finalist for YMA FSF, I was ecstatic. The scholarship and the trip to New York in January was just the beginning. The Breakfast with the Boss series was inspirational- so many of the "Bosses" had worked a number of different careers in their way to the top. It made me realize you can really make your own path in this industry and apply your diverse skill set to whatever you want if you are willing to work for it. Moreover, it was a pleasure socializing with my fellow breakfast-goers- it was great meeting like-minded, driven students and I can't wait to see where everyone ends up.

Today, I am so grateful that my internship at Greg Norman Collection turned into a full-time position that balances my design sensibilities with my business acumen.”

Shota Adamia, Brandeis - “Spending another summer under the wings of the YMA program was just as unique, enriching and exciting as before. I got to meet exceptional scholars whose work, enthusiasm and ambition is nothing but impressive and stimulating. The highlight of my summer was the series of Breakfast With the Boss events: every single host was a prominent industry leader who gave us unmatched insights into their daily professional lives; I believe that their mentorship, resourcefulness and unquestioned willingness to guide us through the initial stages of our careers are what make being a YMA scholar irreplaceable.”

Grace Dusek, Texas A&M, Global Brands Group - “My time this summer in New York City was greatly enriched by my involvement with the YMA FSF!  The education I received extended beyond fashion to learning about other careers, industries, and networking.  Not only have I made so many new friends in a brand new city, but I have truly felt welcomed by each and every executive I have met through the Breakfast with the Boss Series.  I am humbled I get to be a part of this organization for the rest of my life."

Oliver Zachary Selby, SCAD - “The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund has created a journey for me to grow as a designer while forming long lasting relationships within the fashion industry. It has enabled be to connect with professionals that are there for you whenever you need them for advice or even words of encouragement, wanting you to succeed. The mentorship program is amazing, allowing you to connect with an industry professional assigned by the YMA FSF. I am so grateful for everyone's help and support. I consider each and every one of the YMA members a mentor to me, being a tremendous help while I’m in search for a job. The real extra bonus and cherry on top is the YMA FSF Breakfast with the Boss series and events put on by the different company's affiliated with YMA, what an opportunity! Meeting with top industry professionals is wonderfully helpful, educational and rewarding.  Thank you for YMA FSF for every opportunity allowing scholars  and I to gain relationships that will be long lasting.”

A huge thank you to Macy’s for hosting our End of Summer Party, and to our scholars, Board members, mentors, “Bosses” and the YMA FSF for making this summer one to remember!  We look forward to updating everyone on the success and progress our scholars make as they take the next steps in their careers!

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Meghan Floyd