ADG Entrepreneur Meetup: LA x Tastemade

On Thursday, March 15th, members of the FSF community met for our first LA Entrepreneur Meetup at Tastemade’s Los Angeles office to listen to co-founder, Joe Perez, speak about the brand’s journey to success. He focused on the need to have passion for the concept/company you create and to use innovation and originality to keep audiences engaged across all social platforms by adjusting for each outlet accordingly. Joe also stressed the importance of knowing how you’re positioned as a brand and staying significant through a consistent and beautiful aesthetic. 

In addition to Joe’s insightful and inspiring keynote was a presentation from FSF alumni and founder of Retail for the People, Krista Boyer, who coaches retail executives and fashion creatives on how to drive revenue for their brand through empowering great teams. Through team training and group coaching, creating an effective operational structure, and establishing a clear vision for the brand, they ensure teams and their owners know the why behind all the business decisions. 

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ADG Entrepreneur Meetup: NYC x Betabrand

At our 2nd NYC Entrepreneur Meetup, Margie Benford, Director of Merchandising and Design at and Bethany Meuleners, Head Designer of Betabrand provided insight into the company’s unique online retail platform: an entirely crowdsourced and crowdfunded product assortment. What sets Betabrand apart from other crowdfunding websites is their infrastructure to then manufacture the product once it is “green lit” and positively voted on by the community.

Lily Chen, Co-Founder of Thistle & Spire and 2010 FSF scholar pitched her confidence boosting, female empowering, Brooklyn-based lingerie company. As a self-proclaimed nerdy teen, Lily always thought lingerie was only intended for herself, meant to be hidden under clothes. Inspired by her mother, she not only found her own voice and confidence, but a niche market for luxe fabrics and architectural details at an accessible price, meant to be shown off. 

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Margie Benford & Bethany Meuleners


Director of Merchandising & Design and Head of Design at Betabrand

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Lily Chen

Co-Founder, Thistle & Spire